In collaboration with Cdo.
Introductory speech by Dario Odifreddi, President of Piazza dei Mestieri, President of Consorzio Scuole Lavoro and Daniele Sacco, Group Human Resources, Organisation and Legal Counsel at Mondadori Group. Participants include Marco Bentivogli, Coordinator and co-founder of Base Italia; Cristina Scocchia, Managing Director of Illycaffè and Board Member of EssilorLuxottica; Giuseppe Tripoli, Secretary General of Unioncamere. Introduced and moderated by Guido Bardelli, President of Compagnia delle Opere.

There is a lively debate going on about the so-called “work abandoning” phenomenon, about the Great Resignation, about life choices that are more connected to people’s basic needs, like being with one’s family, cultivating one’s interests, having a better quality of life. The YOLO Economy, whose slogan is ‘you only live once’, shows that this is also the case in small companies, where there is a more direct relationship between entrepreneurs and employees, where hours are not necessarily stressful. The fact that more freedom is demanded reflects the diminishing sense of the value of work. There is a general rethinking of the value of work in life. Rediscovering the meaning of work is crucial and entrepreneurs are accountable vis-à-vis their human capital in this regard. The way work is done has also changed, and working in hybrid modes has potential from an entrepreneurial and managerial point of view because there is a shift from evaluating the in-person presence/time to evaluating results. However, entrepreneurs and managers must be prepared to manage this organisational and managerial change in order to meet the productivity challenge that every company is called upon to fulfil.


25 Agosto 2022






Sala Ferrovie dello Stato B2