The Meeting would not even be imaginable without the contribution of so many people that each year, since 1980 to the present, have put at the Meeting’s disposal their enthusiasm, passion, and skill.  There have been several tens of thousands of people of all ages who have lived this experience from 1980 to the present.  In 2023 the number of volunteers who contributed time and talent to the Meeting were upwards of 3000 people.



Un’esperienza eccezionale costruire il Meeting con le proprie mani!
Il lavoro del Pre-Meeting è svolto da volontari che contribuiscono ad allestire i padiglioni fieristici nella settimana che precede la manifestazione.

Il lavoro del Pre-Meeting è rivolto a studenti universitari, in particolare delle facoltà di Architettura ed Ingegneria e ad adulti capaci di controllare lavori in cantiere, elettricisti, mulettisti, magazzinieri, falegnami e artigiani in genere.

Meeting - 19th of August (accreditation day) – 25th of August 2024

From the parking lots to the presentation halls, from catering services to general services, from the exhibits to the sport areas—these are the many areas in which each year thousands of volunteers participate to make the Meeting happen.
A living witness that gratuitousness is a possible value and can be experienced. The invitation to volunteer work during the Meeting is open to all—adults, university and high school students.




Participating in the Meeting from each country, individually or with your friends, choosing the events to follow and the proposals that interest you the most.

To conceive and propose an event, even adding new elements to the Meeting proposal (dinners, testimonies, other...).

To help the organization of the Rimini Meeting remotely (translations, social media engagement and dissemination of events).

Report your availability by June 30. Fill out the form or send an email to segreteria.relazioni@meetingrimini.org volontari@meetingrimini.org




Become Ambassador! The volunteer Ambassador Meeting 2021 can contribute by organizing events in which you can publicly follow the Meeting or even adding new elements with respect to the proposals of the Meeting (dinners, testimonies, other...) in compliance with the regulations in force.

Sign up by filling out this form.

For more information, please write to segreteria.relazioni@meetingrimini.org

Ambassador volunteers are for foreign countries only.