Code of Ethics and Organizational Model


I proudly present the Code of Ethics of the Foundation Meeting for Friendship Amongst Peoples, where principles and reference criteria are defined – in an organic and unified way – in order to regulate the behaviour of directors, employees and all those who collaborate with the Foundation.

It is based on the common heritage of shared values upon which the Foundation has built and intends to continue to build the development of its activities.

It is a guide to everyday decisions. Respecting and enforcing the Code of Ethics in all the Foundation’s activities generates trust in all stakeholders and contributes to the reputation of the Foundation itself.

The reliable behaviour of each of us and the good reputation of the Foundation generate value and are an indispensable factor for growth and development.

All the choices made by our partners are based on trust and responsibility: this is why the Code of Ethics is not just a formal compliance but an achievement for each day.

The Code of Ethics involves a great commitment on the part of the Foundation, and requires a sense of sharing and responsibility, especially on the part of the directors, managers, employees, collaborators and relevant partners. In fact, it is part of their relationship with the Foundation. Therefore, it will be transmitted to all stakeholders and explained to those who wish to work in or with the Foundation.

It will be put into daily practice and will be open to any possible improvement in order to enhance the Foundation’s activity and its desire to grow.

The President