Let's get to know some of the faces of our team... people whose profession is to build the Meeting day by day, collaborating or side by side throughout the year in a constant, intense teamwork, which requires  identification, in which comparison and sharing are fundamental.

What is the aim?  To ensure that everyone with their own uniqueness and in their own sphere can contribute to giving substance, expression and, stories, aimed at the intuition contained in a title, which is why 2023 is "Human existence is an inexhaustible friendship".

The protagonists of "Meet the team" will tell us what it means to work at the Meeting, which are the most exciting moments and which are the most difficult ones, revealing features should not be missing in  the Team Meeting and much more ...

We will discover that working at the Meeting means everyone looking in the same direction, in a constant comparison in which each one, with their own qualities and criticalities, feels valued and can grow as a person and professional.

Due to the initial intuition and thanks to each one, something unexpected is born, which lets ourselves be amazed. The team grows, evolves and always welcomes new companions.

Collaborate with this team and support it in its growth!

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Let's build this great story together