Little World and Nothing Special. Existential ends in Giovannino Guareschi and Enzo Jannacci.


What do The Little World of Don Camillo, the rural area south of the Po River narrated by Italy’s most translated author Giovannino Guareschi, and the Nothing Special sung by the brilliant and poetic singer and surgeon Enzo Jannacci have in common? They both, with their down-to-earth characters and people’s men, are representing their side of those living at their own world’s ends. Not seeking social recognition, but simply standing, living their life in their desires and needs, they may seem flat secondary characters. Don Camillo and Peppone or Jannacci’s Vincenzina standing in front of her factory, embody instead the centre of a human heart laid bare.

Jannacci and Guareschi: unique, different and in the end profoundly similar. Ironical but never cynical. Constantly looking at every facet of humanity.
They do not have an ideology to defend, they are never preaching or covering the characters voices with theirs. Jannacci e Guareschi read the world through the open and honest eyes of their characters.

Curators: Davide Barzi, Silvia Becciu, Massimo Bernardini, Stefano Giorgi, Paolo Gulisano, Sandro Paté, Andrea Pedrinelli, Maurizio Vitali, Giorgio Vittadini

With the collaboration of:
Club dei Ventitré and Ala Bianca Group

Media partner:
Video direction of: Eugenio Bollani
Graphic design: Maurizio Milani and Luciano Paci

Thanks to: Alberto e Carlotta Guareschi, Egidio Bandini (president of Club dei Ventitré) and Paolo Jannacci for the precious support.

We also thanks for the realization of this initiative:
– “La mia gente. Enzo Jannacci, canzoni a colori”, exhibition curated by di Davide Barzi and Sandro Paté, promoted by Caritas Ambrosiana, the magazine Scarp de’ tenis and WOW-Museo de Fumetto.

– “Don Camillo a fumetti”, Renoir Comics edition.

– Videos of Enzo Jannacci produced by Rai Teche direction.

– Unreleased videos of Guareschi supplied by Guareschi’s Archive


24 Maggio 2014 - 30 Agosto 2014




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