2014 Edition


To the Ends of the Earth and of Existence. Destiny Has Not Left Man Alone.

The experience of the next Meeting will be that of a journey to the ends of the earth and of existence, in which one can compare himself with the challenges posed by reality.

The historical period in which we find ourselves is extremely complex. Unresolved problems and new challenges fill the horizon of every man: the crisis of Western culture and the evident incapacity of adults to assume responsibility and to educate, the loss of the meaning of life and the disquieting solitude of many, the insecurity of the globalized economy and the specter of new financial speculation, the migration of entire peoples in search of a last hope, the uncertain work future for millions of young (and not-so-young) people, the drama of countries seeking freedom, the ever more tragically suffered violence of Christian communities in the world.

Is there something that allows us to live at the ends of the earth and of existence? The “big questions” of happiness, justice, love, and beauty cause man’s heart to vibrate at any geographical latitude, or in any condition or existential periphery in which he finds himself. This can be the resource.

We desire to meet people for whom reality is, first of all, something to embrace and not to fight, a mysterious “given” by which to let oneself be provoked, aware that “things and others” represent a good–the occasion through which destiny makes itself present.

In Christian history, this destiny revealed itself by becoming a concrete companionship that generates men capable of valuing every sincere attempt at seeking, and desirous of building the common good with everyone.