Vittadini Giorgio

Giorgio Vittadini is Founder and President of the Foundation for Subsidiarity that since 2002 produces research, training and publishing on socio-economic issues, publishes the online newspaper and four-monthly in-depth magazine Atlantide.
He is Professor of Statistics at the Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods, University of Milano-Bicocca.
He is one of the organizers of the Meeting for Friendship amongst Peoples.
He founded and chaired until 2003 at the “Compagnia delle opera” (CDO), association of undertakings inspired by the social doctrine of the Church.
He is the author of numerous articles and essays on socio-economic issues, in particular regarding subsidiarity, welfare, social enterprise, human capital. On these subjects he has edited numerous publications and works with leading Italian media.
In 2005 he received the Gold Medal of the National Commission for the Promotion of Italian Culture Abroad.

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