Is it real development if inequalities increase?

In collaboration with Foundation for Subsidiarity
Jean-Paul Fitoussi, Economist; Franco Gallo, President of Treccani, former President of the Consitutional Court; Stefano Zamagni, President of the Pontifical Acaemy for Social Sciences. Introduced by Giorgio Vittadini, President of the Foundation for Subsidiarity.

The development born after globalisation has come at the price of increased inequalities. While many of the underdeveloped countries have, on average, narrowed their gap with the richest countries, the internal differences between countries, whether in the first, second or third world, have increased dramatically. According to a certain conception, this would simply be a ‘collateral’, secondary problem, to be rebalanced with a bit of welfare state. However, the more lucid believe that growing inequality is at the root of fractures that can undermine the stability of a system. The question even arises: is it development if inequality increases? One of the world’s leading economists, Jean-Paul Fitoussi, the father of civil economy Stefano Zamagni, the president of the Treccani Encyclopaedia and former president of the Constitutional Court Franco Gallo, discuss the issue.



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24 Agosto 2021






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