THOMAS MORE. William Shakespeare’s rediscovered play

Texts by Giampiero Pizzol and Otello Cenci; Directed by Otello Cenci; with – Andrea Carabelli; Giampiero Bartolini; Giampiero Pizzol; Isotta Ravaioli; Andrea Soffiantini.


The Meeting has organized a unique event taking place on Sunday 21st and Monday 22nd at the Novelli Theatre in Rimini! The play is about rediscovering an original piece written by William Shakespeare which has never been brought to the stage before in Italy. It is a great opportunity to better understand who the greatest playwright of all history really was. Why did William Shakespeare himself write this unknown and mysterious play about Thomas More? In a night full of discussions, enthusiasm, and faltering, we will discover the real Shakespeare dealing with the great dilemma: to be or not to be Thomas More?
Meeting Shakespeare is always a fascinating experience: a hilarious and dramatic journey which storms into our times straight from the XVII century through the extraordinary strength of the monologues, the lines and the texts written by Thomas More. He was against the capital punishment and defended the situation of immigrants arriving in the UK, just as they arrive in Europe today. What make him so contemporary are also his sarcastic replies during the trial he had to face for committing crime of opinion. We already know how the story ends, but maybe the Author who loves mankind will turn justice into mercy, sour into sweet and tears into smiles.


22 Agosto 2016






Teatro Ermete Novelli