The doctor of the future

In collaboration with DOC Generici
Donatella Parentini, General Practitioner at ATS Val Padana; Pierluigi Strippoli, Associate Professor of Applied Biology at the University of Bologna; Gabriele Tomasoni, Head of the resuscitation ward at the Spedali Civili of Brescia. Introduced by Felice Achilli, President of Medicina e Persona.

The pandemic has forced community hospitals to move rapidly from being general hospitals to dedicated “COVID facilities”. Surgeons have gone back to school to study respiratory medicine, gynaecologists now apply non-invasive mechanical ventilation, cardiologists have become intensivists. Doctors and nurses have been involved in major changes. As have general practitioners who have had to respond to an unprecedented professional and relational challenge. In a way, COVID has brought health workers back to the origin of their valuable work and the reasons why they treat their patients. What do these experiences teach us about the future of patient care? And what impact can new technologies and scientific development have on the relationship with patients?



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24 Agosto 2021






Sala Ravezzi