Achilli Felice

Born in Monza (Milan) on 10/11/1958. He graduated in Medicine in 1983. He specialized in Cardiology in 1987. He is married and has 4 children.
He has been working for about 20 years in AO. San Gerardo in Monza. From 2002 to 2012 he directed the Cardiology Department of the AO L. Mandic in Merate and then the Cardiology Department of the Hospital of Lecco, collaborating in organizing one among the first Cardiovascular Department organized according to the intensity levels of therapy.
From 2/2012 he directs the Cardiology Department of AO San Gerardo in Monza.
Beyond the normal clinical activity, from a scientific point, Dr Achilli actively dealt with Cardiovascular Epidemiology, collaborating with the Project MONICA of OMS, of Heart Failure building a Unit dedicated to the patients affected by Chronic Heart Failure in the hospital of Monza and, in recent years, of cardiovascular regenerative therapy, that is the use of autologous staminal cells in the therapy of myocardial heart attack.
He is responsible of the first Italian clinic study “STEMAMI OUTCOME Trial” which will check the effectiveness of this new therapeutic approach and which will involve around 60 Italian cardiology departments.
He has written several scientific papers for National and International magazines.
Dr. Achilli, during the years, has shown and deepened interest not only on his professional engagement, but also on the human implications of the medical profession, significantly contributing to the development of an Association among Professionals working in the welfare environment: Medicina e Persona; he has been founder and National President for 10 years. The Association is now active in Italy and several countries inside and outside Europe.

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