Guareschi. A job for me too

In collaboration with Gruppo Amici di Giovannino Guareschi
Egidio Bandini, Journalist and President of the Gruppo Amici di Giovannino Guareschi (Group of the Friends of Giovannino Guareschi); Enrico Beruschi, Director and Actor; Gianni Govi, Actor and Director; Eugenio Martani, Clarinetist; Corrado Medioli, Accordionist; Giancarlo Plessi, Parish Priest of Besenzone, Bersano, Mercore and President of the Mons. Manfredini Spirituality Centre in Piacenza.

The “words and music” session that the cultural association “Gruppo Amici di Giovannino Guareschi” wanted to showcase at the Meeting 2021 is named after one of the most amusing and, at the same time, moving family tales of Giovannino Guareschi’s work. The series of Guareschi’s tales will be read by Gianni Govi, actor of the “Dialettale sissese” company, by Enrico Beruschi, who needs no introduction, and by Egidio Bandini, president of the “Gruppo Amici di Giovannino Guareschi”, with the intervention of Don Giancarlo Plessi, parish priest of Besenzone and president of the Manfredini Spiritual Centre of Piacenza and the musical accompaniment of masters Eugenio Martani and Corrado Medioli. The theme is, of course, that of work: the work of Giovannino Guareschi, writer, journalist, scriptwriter and cartoonist; the work of Peppone, blacksmith, mechanic (also a precision mechanic) and mayor and that of don Camillo, priest, parish priest but, if necessary, labourer and farmer. All this will be used to tell how much Guareschi valued work, the will to work and, above all, the combination – for him inseparable – of work and life. All this will be enriched with popular music and famous harmonies, performed by the masters Martani and Medioli. “Words and music with Giovannino Guareschi” ends with little Carlotta, the “Pasionaria” of Guareschi’s tales, who invents a job for her father: she who, returning to the theme of the 2021 Meeting “The courage to say I”, used to reiterate her conviction that ” It means more “I” if I say “me”! “.



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20 Agosto 2021






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