Martani Eugenio

Leonildo Casanova’s student debuted in 1983 with Serino’s Concerto dei Cantoni with which he played in Italy and abroad (Avignon 1984, Geneva 1985, Venice 1985-87, concerts in Villa Lanfranchi at Santa Maria del Piano since 2001). Then with the Antico Concerto a Fiato (Parma, Verdi Festival 1989, San Polo d’Enza – Bicentenary of the Italian Flag 1997, Busseto – Va ‘Pensiero Day 2001) and with the Nuovo Concerto Cantoni (Parma, 2002).
He was the founder and first president of the association “Antico Concerto a Fiato” from which was born in 1998 the association “Tradizioni della bassa”. For over twenty years he has collected music and materials belonging to the main Concerti a Fiato; in 2004 he inaugurated a museum dedicated to the Concerto Cantoni in Coltaro and to this kind of music. He has written texts and edited the director of shows that have recalled this kind of music, and has participated in various broadcasts both on local and domestic and foreign TVs.
He is the current director of the Antico Concerto a Fiato Cantoni.

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