Building the Meeting to build oneself

People that work every day at the Meeting and those who voluntarily choose to participate in its construction collaborate side by side all year round.

 Objective?  Realize an idea, give substance, expressions, stories, aimed at the intuition contained in a title. Which for this 2022 is "A passion for the person".

The campaign "BEHIND THE SCENES" - Building the Meeting to build oneself tells us how friends collaborate in a constant, intense teamwork, which requires identification, in which comparison and sharing are fundamental.

From the initial idea, indeed, something unexpected always arises, from which we let ourselves be amazed. The team grows, evolves and always welcomes new companions on the way.

In the videos that we will propose, the protagonists of the "BEHIND THE SCENES" tell us step by step how we work during the year to build a week of Meeting.

With your contribution you can also be part of this team and support it in its growth!

Support the project you want to carry out with us.


Choose to build the exhibitions of the next Meeting, or the brand-new sports pavilion or even design new activities for the Children's Village.

Your contribution is fundamental, get involved and join the team!