Building the Meeting to build oneself

What is important to say to children today?

This is the question of Giampiero and Valentina, who, together with some friends, decided not to be just users, but protagonists of the Kids Village at the 2022 Meeting!

An intense work, as they tell us in the video, which allows us to look at and deepen the theme of the next Meeting with the eyes of children, able to perceive deep and important truths for everyone.

The things you see at the Meeting, in fact, are striking precisely because of their beauty, within everyone's reach.

"... there was a story to start from. I arrived last, but there were friends and, in particular, Raffaella who took me by the hand and told me "Peter, I will accompany you".

Pietro and Raffaella today accompany us in the latest video "Behind the scenes" dedicated to the Children's Village, a journey that has made us meet many friends engaged all year round in the construction of the Meeting.

Their stories made us rethink the reasons why every year we get back on track and want to continue to do so. Building the Meeting is an experience that builds us.  It is a place where unexpected things happen and often greater than expected.

Soon the "Behind the scenes" will continue with the first tastes of what will be the "stage" of the 2022 edition. Continue to follow us and build this great story with us!