August 2020

We don’t want to be hostages of fear but to come back to life, remote meetings are starting to bother me”. Matteo Salvini lands in Rimini for the Meeting and dictates the center-right line in view of September, a decisive month, capable of condensing the restart of post-coronavirus Italy, the regional elections. and the referendum on the cut of parliamentarians.

The infections are increasing, but the leader of the League accuses journalists of being alarmed: “Whoever paints Italy as a lazaretto hurts the country”. And he responds to the criticisms of education Minister Azzolina calling her “incapable in such a delicate moment”. Shortly afterwards, the Vice President of Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani, echoes that “schools and transport must be secured” and attacks the Government defined as “always stammering, late, without strategy” to face the challenges of September.

If the opposition pushes on the accelerator, the Yellow-Red (Giallo, 5 Star Movement, and Rossi, Democratic Party, DP) Government preaches calm. The consultant of the Ministry of Health, Walter Ricciardi, yesterday morning excluded “a return of a tight lockdown” and the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, who arrived in Rimini too, reiterated: “We have come a long way but don’t think the game is won. We absolutely must not let our guard down”.

Introduced by Giorgio Vittadini, the following politicians were physically present: Speranza and Delrio, Salvini, Boschi, Lupi and Tajani. Meloni and Di Maio joined in connection from Rome so that, in the space of a day in Rimini, the protagonists of Italian politics meet for a debate on the future of Parliament. Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri also spoke during the day.

Majority and opposition find themselves in confrontation as has not happened for months.

The referendum on the cutting of deputies and senators, and the regional elections are closely linked to the fate of Parliament. Lupi defends the value of parliamentary representation and calls for subsidiarity: “We need to start from the bottom”. On the referendum, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio reiterates: “There is a substantial uniformity of views, it is an opportunity for change, a Country that progresses by making important choices”.

On the elections, however, the majority and the opposition remain distant. Salvini announces: “I can’t wait for 21st September to arrive, as the outcome of the elections will reward us”. The DP deputy Graziano Delrio assures the solidity of the alliance with the 5-Star Movement, “Our coexistence becomes an alliance passing through the Parliament, in Rome” and assures: “I think we will win four to three, the ideas of our candidates will prevail”.

(Luca Gasperoni)