ROMANO GUARDINI 1885-1968. "I would like to help others to see with new eyes" - Meeting di Rimini
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ROMANO GUARDINI 1885-1968. “I would like to help others to see with new eyes”

Organized by Associazione Rivela


What does Romano Guardini say to the contemporary world? Why his person and his works are interesting for men and women and, above all, for the young people of the third millennium?
These are the questions that the exhibition tries to answer, which wants to meet the Guardini “man”.
A man, whose troubled and restless and has never stopped, throughout his life, to ask questions from himself, from reality in his continuous irreducible “polarity” and tension. Who has never stopped asking questions from his students, the institutions, the Church, thus admirably giving voice to the questions of every man, to our questions.
Through the places and the salient events of his life, documented also with photographs, texts, drawings and personal objects, his figure emerges in all its simple but fruitful openness to the many contexts of knowledge, as well as to the most everyday aspects of life. An attention and a love to the particular that become the beginning of a discovery and the real fabric of every reflection.

The many topics he dealt with, such as beauty, friendship, youth education, nature, power, technique, art, architecture, the destiny of Europe and the liturgy were born and they are developed in the form of a tight and suffered dialogue with the contemporaries, with friends, with artists, with the classical authors of literature, in particular of the Christian tradition.
A communication about what he has become an original witness and educator, a point of reference for intellectuals, theologians and popes but also for people of every class and tradition.
His faithfulness to the Church, was never in a sentimental way, but always referred to the incarnated objectivity of Christ, pushed him to give reason for everything and let himself be questioned by everything, certain that “no great action, no authentic work, no sincere human relationship is possible without man putting soemthing of his at rist.’’


19 Agosto 2018




Piazza B3
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