Pala Sport year 2018



The Sports Village, built with the collaboration of the National CSI, features an area of 13,000 m2 that offers the possibility to live, through sports, a week of true friendship and solidarity. There are plenty of activities: five-a-side football, the two Giuseppe Fabbri and Gigi Tadei Football Memorials, volleyball, basketball, ping pong, table football. The area for the little one features mini-basket, mini-volley and mini tennis and – new in 2018 – Self Defence (Krav Maga Rimini). There will also be dodgeball, badminton and martial arts.

In the multi-purpose area, there will be exhibitions of acrobatic gymnastics, fencing and epée, baseball, Frisbee and “A day as a lion” with the youngsters trying their hand at various sports. There will also be chess, checkers, bridge and Burako tournaments. And outside the Fairgrounds? Two walks through the city of Rimini, the “Corri Meeting” run (in collaboration with Rimini CSI), triathlon, nordic walking and the Youth Baseball Tournament.


When sport moves history

This year the sports pavilion will host the show Enjoy the game, because sport educates to beauty, gives depth to friendships, moves one's humanity.
In this exhibition through the events of three great champions, in the Sport pavilion, We find out: Jesse Owens, Roger Federer and Valentino Rossi with the aid of a multimedia and interactive journey.