LAST MATCH - Meeting di Rimini


By and with Mario Mascitelli
under the patronage of the Italian baseball softball association and the support of Johnson 1836


The show is the result of a research by Mario Mascitelli ( writer , actor , director) particularly inspired by the possibility of combining his passions on stage : baseball and theater.

Miscitelli was born on January 28th 1968 and is the artistic director of the Cerchio di parma theater. His artistic career started when he was 18 ,debuting as an actor in a show, a worldwide broadcast by RAI, with Vittorio Gassman and his son Alessandro. In 1996 he formed and directed his first theater company with which he began to produce shows and perform workshops in schools. In sport, he has more than 400 appearances in the baseball league (with Milan, Crocetta Parma, Novara and Modena) and has been part of Parma in the Italian Baseball League and the National Juniores.

The Teatro del Cerchio manages a theatrical space, a training school and various laboratories and has the peculiarity of having show billboards that use theatrical language not only as a recreational play element, but also as a visual memory.

There is a good story to tell and there is the possibility to help the research to fight a terrible disease “said Mascitelli presenting his work.
The history of Lou Gehrig is very famous. First base of the Yankees, a formidable champion, capable of playing 2130 consecutive games (record beaten by Cal Ripken in 1995), he retired in 1939 (he was 36 years old) and he gave a memorable speech.
Lou Gehrig died in 1941. He was struck by the terrible ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis),The disease was named after him. In 1942 Gary cooper gave a face to Lou Gahring by casting Sam woods in the movie ‘’ pride of Yankees’’ Babe Rooth also participated in the movie.


22 Agosto 2018






Teatro Novelli