HOPE WAS FINALLY BACK - Meeting di Rimini
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Curated by Simone Pizzagalli
Organizing Committee Giuseppe Castellani, Valter Vannucci, Giancarlo Utili, Gianpietro Utili, Roberta Frontali, Monica Pozzi, Anna Cannarecci, Marco Bernardini

Artistic project Empresa Creativa srl

Exhibition carried out tha


In a scenario like the this one where personal responsibility is more and more anesthetized and avoiding exposure seems the easiest way, is it possible not to lose hope? Where does hope come from? And above all, can hope change history right away?

For Elzéard Bouffier, the shepherd in Jean Giono’s famous story “The Man Who Planted Trees”, hope was a daily gesture. He who in the early 1900s, in an arid and barren region of Provence he was abandoned by everyone, and began to do something simple: every morning before going to work, he planted acorns. He only selected the best, knowing that some would not grow and others would be eaten by the rodents. But over time this constant gesture has changed the history of that region in France, transforming the initial desert into a natural park rich in oaks, fauna and streams. Where people came back to live.

A humble gesture is the exercise of hope, which continues today to provoke us.

Is it possible in our daily work to find an answer to our desire for happiness and generate hope for ourselves and those around us? What do Apulian farmers have in common with an employee and a pizza chef from Romagna and two young workers?


19 Agosto 2018




Piazza A5
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