GABRIELE DELL’OTTO - Meeting di Rimini
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Curated by Gabriele Dell’Otto and Franco Nembrini


It is always from a friendship that the best projects come to life, and so it was also for this exhibition “Gabriele Dell’Otto meets …” Meet who? First of all he met his great passion, drawing, and following the great masters of comics, he became one of the most recognized illustrators of the Marvel and DC world. Meet the world of superheroes, giving life, with its unmistakable style, to hundreds of Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, Captain America, just to name a few.

He then unexpectedly meets in a parish in Rome, an original professor who tells and reads Dante in a new and slightly out of the ordinary way, Franco Nembrini, teacher and writer. When two so strange personalities meet, they can only esteem themselves and give life to something crazy and wonderful: “Franco, if you comment on the whole Divine Comedy, I will illustrate it”. And so opens up for both an exciting new challenge, both personal and professional.

The route of the exhibition will be an itinerary to the work and life of Dell’Otto, where Spiderman and the superheroes meet Dante and the medieval world, held together by a single powerful glue: a true friendship and a deep passion for the whole reality: either the Star Wars galaxy or Dante’s Inferno.


19 Agosto 2018




Piazza B3
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