ENJOY THE GAME. When sport moves the history - Meeting di Rimini
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ENJOY THE GAME. When sport moves the history

Curated by Mattia Fenili, Lorenzo M. Fenili, Andrea Bolchini
Coordination of Giovanni Gazzoli
Under the patronage of CONI


It is not just a game. For men of all ages, sport has always been much more than just physical activity, much more than a leisure, but above all much more than an empty and meaningless fun. John Paul II writes: “Sports practice is very important today because it can encourage young people to establish important values such as loyalty, perseverance, friendship, sharing and solidarity. And precisely for this reason, in recent years it has been increasingly developing as one of the typical phenomena of modernity, almost a “sign of the times” capable of interpreting new needs and new expectations of humanity. Sport has been used in every corner of the world, overcoming the diversity of cultures and nations “(Jubilee of sportsmen, 2000).

What, then, makes sport a cultural phenomenon that is “a sign of our times”?
What makes it an educational glue able to mature the taste for beauty? But above all, what does it have to do with happiness?

The exhibition stems from this question, and even more from the sudden and astonishing response: everything. Sport educates the beauty, forms in friendships, moves one’s humanity. Who to watch then? Are there any men on the world’s sports scene who have been, and still are, an example of how sport can be a theater of happiness for those who practice it and those who watch it? Men who, in a world in which sport is so contaminated by the political and economic dynamics of the nations, have moved the story proposing itself as a testimony of those founding values of the sporting experience? We have chosen three: Jesse Owens, the absolute protagonist of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Roger Federer, the undisputed king of tennis and a man of extraordinary class and simplicity, Valentino Rossi, nine times MotoGp champion and founder of the VR46 Riders Academy.

Through a multimedia and interactive path, a path of identification with the proposed characters, scenic and modern, the exhibition is a starting point to investigate and investigate the sporting phenomenon starting from those who made it their own life. We talk about sport, we look at sport, we live sport.



19 Agosto 2018




Padiglione B5-D5
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