Egypt: values coming to life


Organised by the Egyptian student association SWAP (Share With All People), the exhibition deals with the most significant stories of the Egyptian Revolution that have and is still affecting the country. At the core of the exhibition is the soul of SWAP itself, a friendship of people who want to know themselves in valuing their identity and their diversity. The initial desire to show the suffering of the Egyptian people and the violence endured by the Christians turned into the wish to display the life of those many who dwelled in this historical phase. Central will then be the human trait of those stories, which is communicating the positive message of a unity that goes beyond political ideology, religious faith or social condition. We are not paying homage to the country, but to its people.
Through graffiti, images, stories, videos and witnesses you will learn of the friendship between Mina Daniel and Tareq el Salafi; of the brave Samira Ibrahim; of the indomitable Dr. Mona Mina and of her battle; of the hope deep-rooted in Gika’s youthful fury; of the solidarity of Mohamed Kristy.
The values disclosed in these stories go beyond religion or politics and nourish our hopes by touching the spirit of each and every one of us.

Curators: Farouq Wael and the Egyptian student association SWAP (Share With All People)


24 Agosto 2014 - 30 Agosto 2014




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