CRESCENDO - Meeting di Rimini



A very young ensemble, composed of youngsters who are building their friendship around their passion for music. The CRescendo are above all this : About forty young musicians (aged 14 to 21) who, freely, got together with the desire to play together. The group, composed mainly of wind instruments, was formed in the autumn of 2012 by Giovanni Grandi, musician and teacher, who welcomed the desire of some of his students to create a place in which “play their friendship freely”. It was the beginning of a contagious experience: within a few trials the staff has practically doubled, involving guys from different fields. Several of them met by participating in the IMF International Musical Friendship, which for over 25 years welcomed young musicians from different European countries. Also some students of the Stradivari musical school of Cremona have joined the ensemble. The CRescendo officially debuted on May 12, 2013 in a major concert at the Ponchielli theater in Cremona, they had the honor of playing with Mario Pierobon, one of the greatest trumpeters of our time. The concert is also a real meeting and story of how the passion for music has filled the lives of these youngsters, enchanting and exciting the audience with a repertoire , largely taken from the musical masterpieces and the original scores from the silver screen (great cinema).


23 Agosto 2018






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