Beijing spring 1989


‘This is a photographic exhibition about the dramatic events of Tienanmen square, in Beijing, through the impassionate testimony of two great photographers sent to China. The pictures have now become the symbol of a peaceful revolution: university students trying to explain their reasons to people of their own age but in uniform, the dead abandoned on the ground and the great small man in front of a tank. Peter Turnley is a photographer for the magazine “Newsweek”. He lived in Paris for twelve years and has worked in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Soviet Union. He produced reports on the Armenian territory, on the Arab-Israeli conflict and on the social changes in the Soviet Union, as well as on the student movement in China. David Turnley lives in Paris and is a photographic correspondent for “Detroit Free Press”. During the nine years with this newspaper, he has won prizes in India, Middle East and Armenia; he recently won the World Press Photo Competition for the Photographer of the year. His photos are published in “Time”, “Newsweek”, “Life” and “National Geographic”. “This book” states the introduction to the catalogue by Melinda Liu “was born because David and Peter Turnley accept their responsibility towards the truth. Were the dissident Chinese students, hooligans, murderers, ruffians and counterrevolutionaries? The images by the Turnleys’ say they were not.’


20 Agosto 1989 - 27 Agosto 1989


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