1989 Edition


Socrates, Sherlock Holmes Don Juan Approach, investigation and possession of reality: in paradox

Paradox can be represented as the opposite side of something, the other side being its summary. But this latter side always escapes us. The wonderful tapestry to the weaving of which we all contribute with our existence cannot yet be entirely taken in by our gaze. For the body and the soul, summary can only be achieved through constant search. Paradox is this search or expectation of summary. A temporary expression of an ever in-complete view, which tends however toward fullness. Smiling brother,of dialectics, more realistic and more modest, less strained, less hurried, paradox a1ways walks hand in hand with its big sister, appearing by her side at each new stage. Paradox is in fact a part of our reality rather than our thought. It is at home everywhere. Forever reborn. The very universe, our changing universe, is paradoxical.-The summary of the world is not yet made. Every truth, once it becomes better known, opens up new possibilities. Paradox, in the best sense, is objectivity. The more life attains new heights, becomes richer, is interiorized, so does paradox gain ground. Paradoxes: the word.indicates, above all, the things them-selves, not the ways of expressing them. (Henri De Lubac, Paradoxes and new paradoxes, translated into Italian by Jaca Book Publishing Co., Spring 1989) The key words of this cultural gathering are reality and paradox. Generally speaking, the panel discussions at Meeting ‘89 will be attended by leading figures in the field of human investigation and action, who show themselves capable, -through the topics presented, of putting focus on investigation and possession of reality in para-dox. Paradox is forever present in human experience, where-ver apparantly contradictory aspect s coexist. Aspects of paradox: First of all, Meeting ‘89 would like to meet some of the -different aspects of paradox and.so, panel discussions on the following topics are being considered: THE WHEAT AND THE TARES; AND SO LIFE GOES ON - APOLOGY OF MIXTURES. Discussions will centre on evangelical realism in dealing with human affairs. THE WHOLE IN A FRAGMENT-TRIBUTE TO VON BALTHASAR. The ability of limits to reflect what are.not limits will be expressed through this tribute to one of the world’s leading cultural figures. THE BONDS WHICH FREE MAN.There is no freedom without bonds. THE FEAR OF PARADOX AND CLERICAL SOCIETIES. Societies and their ruling castes are normally frightened of paradoxes and thus become ‘‘clerical societies’‘ - i.e., absolutist gua-rantors of the well-being of human beings -: this is true of European tradition and far-off civilizations alike. THE PARADOX OF DEMOCRACY - DEFENCE OF IMPERFECTION. In civil coexistence, the tolerance of imperfection as a guarantee of long-lasting freedom and constructiveness. Aspects of curiosity: Approach and investigation of reality are also expressions of the interest of human beings in nature, in all that which surrounds them, in their own means of expression. And so the following panel discussions: WITH OR WITHOUT THE BIG BANG. About the physical origin of the universe. Just as it was necessary to admit that the universe did not rotate around the Earth, so we should feel free to doubt whether the big bang created our uni-verse.
(Halton Arp) MAN - THAT PARADOXICAL AND CURIOUS ANIMAL. A knowledge of paleoanthropology brings us face to face with the un-predicatable aspects of Man and teaches us to tolerate the many sides to his being. THE INVESTIGATOR IN LITERATURE , I.E., THE GREAT INVESTI-GATORS. Symbols and investigators in Chesterton, Eliade, Dostoevsky: to investigate, one has to become personally involved. THE MYSTERY OF THE WORLD AND ITS INTELLIGIBILITY. This phrase of Einstein suggests we should be ready to face the unexpected. Reality looks friendly as human beings approach and investigate it and this very ‘‘openness’‘ presents nume-rous possibilities. THE PATHS OF LOGIC. Logic as a multi-track tool of curiosity and investigation. Possession and paradox: The bottom of the matter, at least in terms of experience, is reached through the essential relationship between pos-session and paradox. SOCRATES AND DON BOSCO , TEACHING TO RECOGNISE REALITY. Introduction into reality as a precondition for correct possession. The maieutic method in teaching as an attempt to enhance the inflexible ego. ART - PARADOX OF TIME AND THE UNIVERSAL. The world of art restricted within limited space and time enables us to ex-perience the universal. DON JUAN - AN INEXHAUSTIBLE FIGURE. Literary and artistic expression of Man’s anxiousness to possess.