A drama enshrouded by glory. Men and women at work in the artworks of Jean François Millet


2014 celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Jean François Millet (1814 – 1875), essential painter for the history of modern art.
The exposition is offered not only as a commemoration of the bicentenary, but also as a celebration of Millet’s compelling preference for the representation of men and women at work.
Falling out of love for one’s own work – wrote Charles Péguy in 1910 – is the greatest and most fundamental blemish of the modern world.
Having work as favourite subject of his paintings, Millet’s deep predilection for the daily struggle of men explodes in his canvases.

Curated by Mariella Carlotti

Coordination and design by ABGrafica Concreo


24 Agosto 2014 - 30 Agosto 2014




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