Work, dignity and beauty of Venezuela, at the Meeting The record of Francisco: the challenge won by Trabajo y persona

August 2019

Recovering  the value of work in Venezuela, and thus the dignity of an  individul. In a nation already in a deep crisis (political, economic and social), the experience of Tabajo y persona began ten years ago, founded on the value of the search for beauty, triggered by the desire and value of human dignity. "For the recovery of the country it is not only important to have good mechanics, carpenters, cooks, etc. ... we also need beauty", underlines the entrepreneur Alejandro Marius, one of the founders of an association that helps people to love, learn and create work. This is why one of Tabajo y persona's entrepreneurial projects is linked to an artist, José Francisco Sánchez.

Francisco is thirty years old and is a musician. He studied jazz electric guitar and is finishing a master's degree in music production. It's his dream, to be a producer. He is playing and teaching music, but making ends meet is difficult  in Venezuela more than anywhere else in the world.

Francisco meets Alejandro, who takes his dream seriously. here the idea of ​​a record that brings together traditional Venezuelan work music, small treasures from which the beauty and grandeur of their people emerges, is created.  A great master, Aquiles Báez, the most famous guitarist of the South American country is passionate about the project. An Italian publisher, Eugenio Dal Pane, and the Cdo Opere sociale (CEO of the social works), with Monica Poletto, are also joined. There are thirty musicians who play and sing "Venezuela. The people the song the work ", which will be presented at the Meeting of Rimini on Tuesday 20th of August  at 12:00) and a concert (on Thursday 22nd  at 22:00) with Aquiles and Francisco.