The Albacete Show: Meeting Edition

August 2021

A video and a journey through the life and legacy of the extraordinary Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete, priest, theologian and former rocket scientist. He was several times guest of the Rimini Meeting, where in 15 interventions over the years he has dealt with a multiplicity of themes - from the history of the American Church to multiculturalism, from the dilemmas of modernity to the experience of freedom of the stars and stripes dream - Albacete was one of the greatest connoisseurs of the work of Don Luigi Giussani and the one who understood its originality and cultural value for American society. Studying Giussani's work in the USA, he sensed the heart of the proposal: faith loses interest or is reduced to ethics if it is not relevant to the true demands of life, to the true need of every man. "It is a human impact that can shake the man of today, an event that echoes the initial event"

The culture of the Rimini Meeting, its openness to reality in all its aspects and its dimensions has been promoted and disseminated by Albacete throughout America through the Crossroads Cultural Centers of which he was Chairman of the Advisory Board.

The Albacete Show premiered at the New York Encounter 2021 and was accompanied by interactive Zoom meetings with Albacete's friends and fans.

Lorenzo Albacete’s «The Relevance of the Stars: Christ, Culture, Destiny» has just been published Lisa LickonaGregory Wolfe (Eds)