Renzi Nicola

He is currently the new Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Political Affairs and Justice for the 29th Government Legislature of the Republic of San Marino.
Nicola Renzi was born on 07-18-1979 in San Marino, married to Valeria Ugolini and is Luigi’s father.
He graduated from the Secondary High School of the Republic of San Marino in 1998. In 2004 he graduated in Classical Letters at the University of Bologna with a thesis on Roman History, with 110/110 votes, with honors and dignity of printing. He continues his studies enrolling in a specialization in Archeology, in which he deals with some excavation campaigns. He has held various language specialization courses in Paris, residing for several months. In 2013 he attended the PhD in Historical Studies at the University of San Marino with a thesis on “Seneca Political Man” with the vote of 60/60 and dignity of the press. Since 2003-2004 he has been teaching Latin and Greek at the San Marino High School, where he still has the profession for which he has always had an endless passion.
He started political engagement in 2009, becoming a member of Coordinamento di Alleanza Popolare, then Managing Director of the Cantiere, periodical of Alternativa Giovanile (Youth Movement of Alleanza Popolare). At the political election of 2012, he is elected for the first time as a member of the Grand and General Council after the appointment as a member of the State Congress of Matteo Fiorini, whose Regency has served as Maggiordomo. Since 2012, he is a member of the Fourth Council-Advisory Board, the Commission for Territorial Policies and the National Group of the Republic of San Marino at the Interparliamentary Union. He has been a member for a semester of the Political Affairs and Justice Commission.
Since 2013 he is coordinator of Alleanza Popolare.


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