Lotito Gianpiero

Gianpiero Lotito is the Founder, alongside Mariuccia Teroni, and CEO of FacilityLive, the Italian high-tech startup with global ambitions to develop next-generation technology for the organization, management and research of the information that has obtained patents in 44 countries in the world.
FacilityLive is considered a European platform of the future. Its technology, which has already been adopted in prestigious multinational and certified by Global System Integrator, is revolutionary: a layer of intelligence able to recognize the architecture of information – even of those unstructured – and that, through a search, returns the results, in their original formats, in a relevant and organized fashion.
FacilityLive has privately raised €30 million in capital. The current company valuation is €225 million.
FacilityLive is the first non-British company to have joined the ELITE Programme of the London Stock Exchange for a possible listing on the stock exchange.
Gianpiero Lotito is a technologist, with a past musical career, who has worked for over twenty years for innovative projects in the publishing world and technologies applied to content. He was an Adjunct Professor of Multimedia Publishing at the University of Milan, has written books (including “Emigranti Digitali” and “Breve storia delle startup”) and articles on technology for publishers such as Bruno Mondadori, Sperling and Gruppo Espresso, among others.
Since 2014, Gianpiero has held the position of Ambassador of e-Skills for Jobs, a project of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs of the European Commission.
In 2015 he received the Golden Medal of the city of Pavia for his commitment and contribution to technological innovation in the territory.
In 2016 he was the innovative entrepreneur chosen by our Minister of Economic Development to represent Italy at the European Council for Competition (organized by the Dutch Presidency of the European Commission) to give directions, along with colleagues chosen from 28 other selected countries, on the digital future of Europe.
For more information, visit http://facilitylive.com/#/media.

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