Canetta Renzo

In his initial years working at the National Tumor Institute of Milano (1974-1980), Dr. Canetta worked in principal clinical studies in lymphomas and in gastrointestinal tumors.
In 1980, Dr. Canetta transferred to the department of research and development of Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), first in New York and then in Connecticut, where he held many roles in the company, including head of oncological clinical research, head of post-approval development, Vice President of Global Oncological Research and, finally, Vice President of Global Research Policy. To his experience one can add the introduction of 18 pharmaceutical experiments, and the approval of more than 50 registration dossier for the new uses of oncological drugs.
Dr. Canetta left BMS in August of 2015 and currently works as a consultant for professional and nonprofit organizations.

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