“With avid, insistent hope.” The adventure of Blessed Father Carlo Gnocchi


Sunday, August 22, 2010 – Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pavilion B5

An exhibit area and a place animated by videos and events where one can meet the beauty, fascination, and human stature of Father Carlo Gnocchi and the irreducible witness of his works.

Father Gnocchi is the protagonist of a Catholicism of a strong, solar, and rational foundation, not a nostalgic one that looks backwards and is imbued in the problems of society. His life allows us to understand the depth of this living Catholicism.
First of all, the pedagogical value of innocent pain, that Father Gnocchi recuperates and on which he bets for building a new civilization; then the idea of entrepreneurship that becomes charity and vice versa, utilizing everything that reality has to offer; finally, the great freedom (of affection, initiative, thought), along with a great obedience, that manifests itself throughout Father Carlo’s whole existence: these are the strongholds of Father Gnocchi’s experience.

A premise to these themes is the experience of war: the retreat of Russia and the months that follow can be described as the most acute moment in the recognition and answer to his vocation; the subsequent ‘prolonged life’ is a deepening of this vocation.

Promoted by the Foundation Don Carlo Gnocchi. Curated by Giorgio Barelli, Fabrizio Begossi, Paola Brizzi, Francesco Esposito, Silvia Giampaolo, Paola Mazzola.
With the collaboration of Alkimia, S.n.c. Scientific consulting by Edoardo Bressan, Emanuele Brambilla, Stefano Zurlo.