VIRAL VIRUS REALITY #PortatoriSaniDiBellezza - Meeting di Rimini

VIRAL VIRUS REALITY #PortatoriSaniDiBellezza

By and with Carlo Pastori and Walter Muto.


Dearest whoever you are,

You may ask why a show like this?
Because yes. And just yes is enough.
Because time goes by and we are no longer 30 or 40 not even 50.And we have 20 certain thing that may have never seen before. So it was so urgent that we could not help but gather a container of various television styles and all the beauty we have seen over the course of thirty years and more. And then a collection of songs , true or invented stories , people who changed thanks to music or the people who changed us. On the stage us two are involved in an hour and a half of theater/music with a single wire ,without interruptions , without laws. We know it all by heart , like it was done once in theater. And a screen where guests, stories, and our links will come out. We have learned from young people a new word: link.
Everyone now uses it daily. We have the small ambition to be the first to use it in theater, bringing it our little art.
The show of our favorite videos will have already started when the audience enters the hall and will continue when people leave.
This seems like another good news.
We are waiting for you at our Show!

Carlo Pastory & Walter Muto


24 Agosto 2018






Teatro Novelli