The rotol by Qumran Rolls


‘Edited by Carsten Peter Thiede director of the Christliche Medíen Akademie WetzIar. Qumran is a resort on the Dead Sea where, beginning from 1947, caves containing ancient and important manuscripts have been discovered. In the cave 7, discovered in February 1955 they found out some fragments with Greek writing on, which maybe attributed to the New Testament. The most ancient texts repropose the problem about the Gospels dating. In Father Josä O’Callagan’s opinion, confirmed by the studies of the Lutheran researcher Carsten P.Thiede, the dating of the Gospel according to St.Mark should be advanced to the year 50 (whereas the Gospels Writing was usually dated between 70 and 100 a. C.). The review, articulated in three sections, is subtitled as follows: “Didactic-archeologi-cal exhibition about the recent Qumran discoveries”.’


21 Agosto 1993 - 28 Agosto 1993


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