THE PARTY IS ON! With Gene Gnocchi


An evening to sing, dance and have fun. Gene Gnocchi, along with his son, shows us on stage how rock music can be fun and energetic, through an original selection of songs. Gene and Ercole Gnocchi will make us listen to the music they love chatting between a piece and another, telling stories of the groups of yesterday and today, both the famous myths and those unknown, making fun of the stereotypes of the world of rock.
“If people hear music that they do not know but whose impact is powerful – and their feet begin to jump – then they will surprisingly have fun. The idea is to put on the discs, the pieces that we like; we will also insert groups and new songs that we discovered recently and maybe -why not? – some video clips and jokes that particularly concern the week of the Rimini Meeting”.


25 Agosto 2016






Arena Spettacoli Unipolsai D3