The council of Trent


‘Today more than ever, to say that the Council of Trent was the “event of the Church which renewed itself’, is to detect the summit of its self-awareness as the extension of the body of Christ in history. The Council of Trent must first of all be appreciated in its de facto concreteness, so as not to reduce it to an arid and spe-cialistic historical discourse. It represents a moment in the development of the Church which enabled it to freely re-establish its task and its dignity. The Council was, first of all, a great effort made by the Church to understand itself once again. The first section of the exhibition presents a brief diary of the Council, emphasizing its development through its most significant phases and decisions. A combination thus appears between religious and political event, historical anchor point and mysterious initiative of the Spirit. The second section illustrates the impact of the Council on the Trent region and above all on the city of Trent. The third and final section shows the effects of the Council’s decisions on art, the complex relations established between the desire to communicate the truth of the faith and the free invention of artists. The exhibition is prevalently educational. The sixty panels which make it up try to involve visitors in some of the fundamental aspects of the Council and provoke fresh thought on the history of the Church. In the “Art Gallery”, next the shopping area, the exhibition catalogue will be on sale.’


20 Agosto 1995 - 26 Agosto 1995


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