Retail 5.0: scenarios, strategies and policies for a key sector for the well-being of society

In collaboration with Community Retail 5.0 of The European House – Ambrosetti
Patrizia De Luise, National President of Confesercenti; Massimo Dell’Acqua, CEO Euronics; Valerio De Molli, Managing Partner and CEO of The European House – Ambrosetti; Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Vice-Minister of Economic Development; Laura Gabrielli, Vice President of the Gabrielli Group (TBC). Introduced by Alessandro Bracci, Chairman and Managing Director of the Teddy Group and Vice Chairman of Cdo.

According to data from The European House – Ambrosetti Community Retail 5.0, with about 450 billion in turnover, Retail is one of the leading Italian industries, with  2.3 million of employees; it is also a key element of the Italian revitalization based on investments and on top on consumption.
Retail is a meeting place, social aggregation and is also one of the most important tools to contribute to the redevelopment of urban and extra-urban areas, an “employer” forced to continuous innovation and also for this reason particularly attractive for young people.
The experience of thousands of entrepreneurs who risk themselves and of collaborators who with passion, in their daily work, find economic serenity and often unexpected professional paths, with an enormous value of social inclusion, especially in certain areas of our country, are other decisive elements for reflecting on this theme.



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23 Agosto 2021






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