Poverty and the value of the individual

Gregory Boyle, Jesuit, Founder and Director of Homeboy Industries, USA; Simona Carobene, Managing Director of FDP-Protagonists in Education Association, Romania; Maria Chiara Gadda, Member of the Italian Parliament, Italia Viva; Anastasia Zolotova, Director of NGO Emmaus, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Introduced by Alessandra Stoppa, Director of Traces.

Charity is a privileged space for living “in the frontline”. Today more than ever, in the crisis that the pandemic has unleashed on a social and personal level, we want to exchange with those who share the needs of others and directly experience that, in any condition, people can always regain their dignity. We meet people who have set up social works in different parts of the world that share a common feature: they are not there to help those in need but to experience together with them, help recipients with help givers, the greatness and uniqueness of their own existence. What kind of path do these works show for the construction of a new world?



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23 Agosto 2021






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