“Moved by a gaze”. From the Sagrada Familia to the Morimondo Abbey, story of a friendship

Curated by the Shalom Cultural Center Amici Association of Abbiategrasso. In collaboration with the Association Amici di Gaudí, Jordi Bonet, Etsuro Sotoo, Jordi Fauli, José Manuel Almuzara.


The exhibition tells the story of a friendship, born and raised from the meeting of people differently involved in the Christian event, in the area of Abbiatense, in the province of Milan, and architects and sculptors who are following the direction of Gaudí’s gaze, carrying on the building of the Sagrada Familia.

At the beginning of this friendship there is a shared passion for life – this is the thread running through two apparently different realities, such as the Sagrada Familia and the Morimondo Abbey (the Cistercian abbey in the province of Milan).

That which creates unity, as shown over time, is the fact that life should be taken seriously in its entirety and only Christ is capable of such a wide and engaging gaze, as some monks who have built the Morimondo Abbey testify, together with Gaudí’s sanctity – that today is visible in the Sagrada Familia, which soars towards the sky.


20 Agosto 2015 - 26 Agosto 2015




PAD. A5/C5
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