Memorare piissima virgo Maria…


‘The exhibition presents the theme of Gothic cathedrals, among the most astonishing architectural achievements which, despite many studies, is still unknown. The constructive wisdom which brought about the miracle of height and complexity which enlightened 12th and 13th century Europe, remains indecipherable as is invisible the clear and intricate structure of the incipit by St Bernard, which gives the title to this exhibition. We do not know anything about the incredibly hard work and faith of the myriads of anonymous people, still all mysteriously present and alive in the works and participating in their greatness. The exhibition must not, cannot and does not know how to explain this greatness. It cannot resolve the incomprehension which touches almost everybody in front of these extraordinary monuments, together with a sense of familiarity which always intervenes when we accompany the contact with great works with the knowledge of the places, of the lives and accidents from which, within which they have been built. Therefore the exhibition will present, with images never seen before, of five cathedrals of the Ile de France, various reasoned sequences of data about the time, places, people and their different trades: of faith of thoughts and works with everything else, active and passive, which interfered with their formation.’


21 Agosto 1994 - 27 Agosto 1994




Agorà C1 (Area CdO)
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