Investing in education today, means betting on the School-Work alliance

Stefano Bolognini, Councillor for Metropolitan City Development, Youth and Communication, Lombardy Region; Giorgio De Rita, Director General of CENSIS; Ezio Delfino, School Headmaster and President of DiSAL; Paolo Lattanzio, Member of the Italian Parliament, Democratic Party; Gabriele Toccafondi, Member of the Italian Parliament, Italia Viva. Introduced by Ubaldo Casotto, Journalist and curator of the exhibition “School-Work Alliance. It is never too late”.

At the 2020 Meeting Mario Draghi called for investments in young people, i.e. in education. History shows that Italy has always recovered and grown after a crisis because it invested in schools. But what does investing in education mean today? In “Laborem Exercens” (the 40th anniversary of which falls this year), St. John Paul II said that “the organisation of human life according to the multiple possibilities of work should be matched by a suitable system of education and training, which above all has as its goal the development of a mature humanity, but also a specific preparation to occupy with profit a proper place in the great and socially differentiated work bench”. School and work cannot be two disconnected worlds; education is the common ground for their alliance.



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21 Agosto 2021






Sala Generali B4