…I made you as a bridge. Charity is the only treasure that increases when you share it


“Sharing needs to share the meaning of life.”
Everyone lives in his or her own periphery: one becomes an island in an infinite archipelago left to oneself, extraneous and indifferent.
Charity is offered to everyone as a companionship for our life, as an absolute love for our destiny. We discovered this in the experience of “Food Banks”. We reflected on our history and we understood the “Food Bank method” as a “bridge” that brings together men who are rich and poor, anonymous and famous, young and old, one that does not let one be alone because it offers the opportunity to meet one’s destiny.
The exhibition offers stories from people who, through their own personal experience, have begun to cross this “bridge of sharing”, by looking at and responding to their own needs and those of their fellow men.

Charity becomes action though the “ironic attempt” of those who accept this responsibility, to not leave man alone. It is not only our action, but the recognition of a presence that gives meaning to our life. Each of us can say his or her own “yes” and invite others to act as bridges.

Edited by:
Marco Lucchini, Banco Alimentare network; Silvio Pasero, Banco Building; Marco Malinverno, Banco Farmaceutico; Federico Cesari, Banco Informatico, Tecnologico e Biomedico.
With the assistance of: Eugenio Bollani and Bruno Monaco


24 Agosto 2014 - 30 Agosto 2014




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