Cistercian architecture in italy


‘1998 marks the 9th centenary of the Foundation of the Cistercian Order, founded in 1098 by St. Robert at Citeaux near Digion. The order subsequently underwent tremendous growth after the arrival at Citeaux of St. Bernard (1112), over 340 abbeys being founded during the course of forty years throughout the Christian Europe of the times, from Sweden to Palestine, from Poland to Portugal. Cistercian architecture and art represent an important part of medieval art, and the order left its own very special trace distinguished by essential lines, devoid of any richness and decorations. The architecture in particular is at the centre of a great deal of research and international studies, focused on finding its main inspirers. The Cistercian Father Gofredo Viti, organiser of the exhibition, is one the Italian researchers most actively engaged in studying the topic and has published numerous major works and coordinated research at university level. The exhibition is based on the book ‘L’Architecture Cistercense’ published by Father Viti.’


23 Agosto 1998 - 29 Agosto 1998


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