A journeying people


‘Two thousand years of exile, struggles and martyrdoms in foreign lands make the Jewish people the greatest testimony that neither the survival instinct nor utilitarian motives can suffice to keep a people stably united. Unity is only born of an ideal. The exhibition by Carlo Rusconi is made up of paintings by the painter Franco Vignazia, and it is a representation of a few passages in Genesis, Exodus and the New Testament, which stress the mysterious thread which connects the described events. The central narrative, ten paintings, is that of Exodus: the liberation of Israel from slavery in Egypt and its formation as a free people. At the root of this journeying there is the narrative of Genesis, described in ten paintings, which documents the interpretation by Israel of the religious tradition, partly shared with neighbouring populations, but enlightened by a new awareness. The last paintings, finally, narrate the successive events of the history of salvation and reveal the goal given to this people: the encounter with Jesus Christ.’


21 Agosto 1994 - 27 Agosto 1994




Agorà C1 (Area CdO)
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