Towards the American Protestantism

Press Meeting

On the occasion of the English edition of the book Teologia protestante Americana by Father Giussani

Looking at reality without any fear, in a sincere attitude, without prejudice, but rather recognizing the value of life and of men. John Zucchi, Professor in the Department of History and Classical Studies from McGill University, Canada, introduces the meeting of the English-language presentation of the book “American Protestant Theology” by Fr Luigi Giussani and recalls the title of the 34th Meeting for friendship among the peoples, ‘The Human Person: a State of Emergency.’ Participants: Andrew Davison, Tutor in Doctrine at Westcott House, Cambridge, and Archie Spencer, associate professor of theology in Seminaries and Acts at Trinity Western University, Canada.
Spencer says: “Fr Giussani has studied, deeply examined and met the North American Protestant confessions he always believed in an open and respectful dialogue towards them; even today his charism dialogues with Protestants, on the grounds of the common recognition of life as a gift and of the three fundamental graces: the religious sense, the incarnation of Christ and the Church one and holy.” Spencer talks about his experience of the encounter with Don Giussani, a man already tired and suffering, but at the same time peaceful and joyful. “I heard his scream: ‘Be real men, become the masters of your faith.’ His concern was that everyone could truly experience the attraction of Jesus in their lives. And for that his charisma is also good for us, Protestants, against any social, political and economic reduction.”
The American society revolves around relativism and forgetfulness of Christ, an annihilation of the religious sense and the increasingly stronger self-sufficiency temptation. “Our responsibility as Protestants is responding to the invitation of Fr Giussani: comparing experience with reality, defending the religious sense and seeking truth and beauty. For this reason ‘Don Giuss’ (Fr Giussani) can be a great help for us. He helped us to be loyal to our faith experienced in life, and to let God be able to meet one’s humanity.”

It is an encounter able to change your life and able to let you restart again every day. Because the Christian experience is continually renewed in recognizing the presence of Jesus in our lives. “What impresses me of Don Giussani’s experience and what he wrote in his book, is the fact of continually relying on the contemporaneity of the Lord who is here and now,” Davison explains, “and the fact of constantly putting faith to the test of experience. Giussani tells a story of truth and freedom, and this is why he is caring towards Protestant brothers and sisters. “The Protestant stance is the result of a search for freedom. Davison adds: “Giussani always said ‘look for freedom in truth’. This is why today I can say with confidence that thanks to Fr Giussani and Communion and Liberation, I made peace with my past as a charismatic Protestant. My faith is supported by comparison with the charisma of Giuss and the Communion and Liberation movement.