“To pass on from person to person the encounter with Jesus”

Press Meeting

The homily of Rimini’s bishop, monsignor Lambiasi, at the Holy Mass on August 23rd at the Meeting

Rimini, August 23rd 2015 – “To believe means assimilate Jesus’ person, to become yeast that ferments the pasta of society, salt that gives taste to all life. It is not about being self-centered, but rather missionaries, as Pope Francis is repeating continuously. “We need to go out, to go out and to offer everyone Gospel’s joy. The homily of this morning Mass’ celebrated by Rimini’s bishop, monsignor Francesco Lambiasi, was all focused on what Pope Francis calls “output Church”. A church that in front of the threat of persecution, avoids the temptation of “omologation and renouncing his identity” or retreating in “small little closed ghettos self-defending” but testifies Jesus, experiences the encounter with His person and hands it down “like a flame ignites another flame”.
Monsignor Lambiasi celebrated together with Michele Pennisi, arbishop of Monreale, Ibrahim Alsabagh, parish priest of Aleppo, Carlos Oliveiro, from Buenos Aires, Ignacio Carbajosa, from the University of Saint Damaso in Madrid, Stefano Alberto, from Catholic University in Milan, and CL’s diocesan assistant of Rimini, Roberto Battaglia.
Monsignor Lambiasi began his homely commenting on John’s Gospel and marking Jews’ and disciples’ disorientation toward Jesus’ words: He descended from heaven, He, flash to eat and blood to drink. Among general confusion, Peter “ confesses Jesus’ true image: He is God’s face”. A face whom we superimpose “the long shadow of our egoism, with the insatiable longing for power, belonging and appearance”. “Instead, Jesus is the totally Other our heart looks for, is, as Pope Francis said, the notice that responds to the desire of infinite present in every human heart”. For this reason, “to believe – reminded the bishop – consists in “passing on, from person to person, the experience of the encounter with Jesus”.