The numbers of the Meeting 2015

Press Meeting

Rimini, August 18 2015

(Program) There are 78 encounters planned for the 36˚ edition of the Meeting for the Friendship Amongst Peoples (“What is this lack a lack of, oh heart, of which all of a sudden you are full?”, August 20-26, Rimini Fiera), 15 exhibitions (adding 5 exhibitions proposed by the Meeting, 9 by “Esperienze e percorsi” and “Viaggio nel cuore di CL”), 13 shows, 17 sporting events.

(Locations and occupied spaces) The extended spaces of Rimini Fiera, transformed by the opera and the creativity of thousands of volunteers, will host several proposals of the event: 127,000 square meters of covered space are occupied by the Meeting 2015.
Outside the Fiera are planned three shows (the first one at Palacongressi of Rimini, two at Chiesa del Suffragio, in the historic center of the city, and some sporting events).

(Meeting rooms and events) 5 rooms are used for the encounters at the Meeting 2015: Auditorium Intesa Sanpaolo B3 (that can hold 7000 people), Salone Intesa Sanpaolo B3 (3500 seats), Sala Eni B1 (1500 seats), Sala Neri CONAI (800 seats), and Sala Poste Italiane C2 (250 seats).
Along with the 5 mentioned rooms, there are also spaces set up for meetings at different stands of reality and companies present at the Meeting.
Among the containers for the shows, we recommend the Arena Frecciarossa1000 D3 (1,500 seats).

(Volunteers) During the week of the Meeting, 2.145 people engage free energies, skills and even holidays to allow the holding of the event and assure that particular climate that characterizes it. They come from all over Italy and from abroad (one hundred): Russia, Ucraina, Bielorussia, Spagna, Stati Uniti, Paraguay, Egitto, Kazakistan, Lituania and other countries.
Volunteers’ work is organized into 15 departments; those numerically larger are the General Services Department (494 persons) and the Restaurant Department (438 volunteers).

To complete the picture, we must remember and add the 498 people (mostly from the college) that during the Pre-Meeting (from August 11 to 19), worked for the preparation of the Fiera. Summing the data, there are 2.692 “builders” of the 36° Meeting under the sign of gratuity.

(The words of the Director) The Director of the Meeting Sandro Ricci points out some news of the 2015 event: “The first concerns the date and the choice of days: the week of Rimini will not start on Sunday, but on Thursday and does not occupy the last days of August. We made this choice not to overlap the resumption of school activities and to try to use an entire weekend”. A second new concerns the internal disposition, so that, for example, one large dining area will occupy the entire halls B5 and D5. “The Meeting also – continues the director – has opened interesting collaborations with external parties, according to the logic that we call the ‘do with’: I quote the four performances in collaboration with the Malatesta Music Festival, the exhibition in collaboration with the Opera of the Cathedral of Florence and different exposures “. Another “doing with” involves companies that use the Meeting to make communication: “Their presence is not reduced to writing and posters. We built together events and new forms of collaboration and communication. Just as an example, companies and other entities present at the Meeting will hold, at their stands, more than 50 meetings in addition to 78 of the official program of the event”.

(Budget and sponsors) The estimated cost for the Meeting 2015 is 5,407,000 euro. The items of revenue are, in descending order: communication services for companies (3,650,000 thousand euro), revenue from restaurants (1,100.000 euro), commercial activities, tickets paid for the events and contributions paid by individuals.
“We are glad, economic data are encouraging – adds the director Ricci – certainly we were very careful in the cost rationalization, the Meeting confirms itself as an event of strong interest and this year we built a program of the highest cultural level and we are already working at all levels for the Meeting of 2016 “.
The interest in the Meeting is growing stronger year after year – continues Ricci – and we were very surprised by the attention that many have shown to the Meeting through the entries to the Community and the donations that have come since last year, when we started the Campaign of Fundraising “. Inside the Fiera will be five stations (in the South Hall and in the squares of the exhibitions) where you can make your donation and become a part of the Community Meeting by ‘Supporting the construction of a place that, for over thirty years, testifies and tells a culture of the encounter, a culture of friendship. ”
There are three Main Partners of Meeting 2015 (Enel, Intesa Sanpaolo, Wind), and eleven Official Partners. Overall, more than 130 Companies and organizations that in different ways are participating to the event are using the Meeting for their communication to the general public.

(Catering) 21,000 square meters are occupied by the various dining options at the Meeting (including the space with all the kitchens). They valorize the quality of the gastronomic traditions of the various Italian regions and at the same time take into consideration the need for families to have lunch at affordable prices. To a wide line of “Fast food” (flat bread included) are also added different restaurants’ proposals: Romagna, Puglia, Roman tavern, without forgetting the “Graticula” which main plate is the flesh of the Tuscan Romagnolo.

Catering Meeting spaces must be added those of the Self-Service “Le Palme” operating at the Fiera.
Overall, it assured the potential of 23/28,000 meals a day, during the week of the event. An offer for all tastes and for all needs.

(Parking and shuttles) Outside Rimini Fiera there are free parking for visitors to the Meeting: over 9,000 parking spaces available.
Three lines by Start Romagna will connect the Meeting with Piazza Marvelli, with Viserba (train station) and Fellini Airport. Tickets can be purchased at normal points of sale as well as at the Box Office of the Meeting.

(Trains to the Meeting) During the week of the event 6 Frecce Trenitalia will stop daily at Rimini Fiera (2 and 4 Frecciarossa Frecciabianca) and two regional trains Sangritana. Scheduled times are available on and on Trenitalia and Sangritana sites.

(Meeting Online) This year is possible to follow Meeting’s events not only on the site through the work of a social media team of volunteers it will be possible during the event to follow live everything that happens at the Fiera. #meeting15 will be the official hashtag through which share a photo, video or message.