The numbers of the Meeting 2010

Press Meeting

(Program) there are 135 matches proposed by the XXXI edition of the Meeting for Friendship among Peoples (“That nature that drives us to desire great things is the heart”, Rimini Fiera August 22 to 28), 19 shows, the eight exhibitions, 16 sports events, 346 speakers who will speak at the event.

(Places and spaces occupied) The spacious Rimini Fiera, properly processed by the work of thousands of volunteers for meetings and exhibitions, life and celebration, will host multiple proposals of the event: there are 1.829,86 square feet covered spaces occupied by Meeting 2010 in Rimini Fiera.
Outside the large fair, will take place only a Byzantine Slavic rite liturgy (Church of St. Augustine, in the centre of Rimini) and eight events within the program of sporting events such as the seventeenth tour of the Malatesta castles and the Republic of San Marino (large and medium-end fund cycling), the First Sprint Triathlon The Titan (Multieventi Sports Domus, Serravalle RSM) and the third under-16 Rugby Tournament Meeting (Cesena, Stadio Via Montefiore).

(Room meetings and events) Rimini Fiera has 11 rooms and spaces for meetings of the Meeting 2010: B7 Auditorium (which can contain 10,000 people), the Room A1 (5,000 people), the Hall B7 (4,000 people) The Neri Hall (800 persons), the Room A2 (500 people), the Room A4 (400 people), Eni Café literary D5 (400 persons), the reduced room A1 (2,500 persons), rooms Lime and Mimosa (from 200 people each), the space “Coffee with …” (450 people).

The shows are reserved for two containers: Telecom Italia Arena D3 (3,000 seats) and the D2 Frecciarossa Theatre (400 seats). Shows in the late evening, will be offered for free even in West pool area Edison.

(The growth of the Meeting) “After the success of the public last year’s event – says the Director of the Meeting Sandro Ricci – we have invested resources to increase capacity of the containers of the meetings. The Room A1, for example, could hold 1,000 people last year, this year 5,000. In the field of entertainment, we offer four Meeting productions of High Level.
The Director adds an additional element: “It is taking a major key to the growth of the international dimension of the Meeting. We have presented this year in New York, Madrid and Budapest in October we will do in Cairo. The Meeting 2010 records, therefore, a significant increase of foreign speakers, volunteers from abroad, involvement – for example in the realization of exhibitions – the cultural realities of other countries …. ”

(Volunteers) there are 3142 (a hundred more than last year) people who, during the week of 2010 Meeting, effort free energies, expertise and even leave for holding the event and ensures that particular climate that characterizes it. They come from all over the Italy and abroad (about 200): Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, USA, Egypt, Nigeria, Portugal, Spain, France, Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Russia , Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, and elsewhere.
The work of volunteers, given the variety and richness of the proposals of the meeting, is divided into 15 departments, those numerically larger are the department Food & Beverage (690 volunteers) and the Department of General Services (676 volunteers).

To complete the picture of the volunteers, we must remember and add the other 713 people (mostly academics) who, during the “Pre-Meeting” (from ‘August 11 to 21), worked for free for the construction of the Fair.

(Budget and sponsors) The Budget Meeting of 2010 is 8 million and 300,000 euros. The items in the budget concerning the revenue indicate, in descending order: contributions and sponsorships from companies, revenues from restaurants, businesses and events tickets to pay voluntary contributions to the costs incurred by the Meeting for board and lodging.

Three Main Partners Meeting 2010 (Bombardier, Finmeccanica, Intesa San Paolo), four Institutional Partners, 16 the Official Partners. Overall, there are over 200 companies and organizations that in various ways, participating in the event and supporting the XXXI Meeting.

(Catering) 226,04 square feet are occupied by various proposals for restoration of the Meeting (including kitchen area). Enhance the quality of the culinary traditions of various Italian regions and also take into account the economic needs of families. In a comprehensive line “Fast food” is added, then, the various proposals for restaurants: Romagna, Tuscany (“La Compagnia della Commedia. La selva oscura”), Trentino (Trentino 33), Abruzzo (“Luntane cchiù luntane “), not to mention” The Graticula “whose protagonist, the Italian meat (especially white Apennine beef).
To the spaces of Meeting for catering it should be added the two self-service operating at the Fair: the 7.534,74 square feet. of “The Palms” and 800 sqm. Self-service located in Room C6.
Overall, it provided a potential of 25,000 meals per day during the week of the event.

(Parking and shuttles) in the spaces outside the Rimini Fair, free parking for visitors to the Meeting: more than 9,000 parking spaces available.
Three lines of tram services, connect with the Meeting Piazza Marvelli (ex Piazza Tripoli), with Viserba (Railway Station) and the Fellini Airport. At the Meeting ticket can be bought at discount prices, business daily or several days, valid at any race or time, on the whole network of the province of Rimini.

(Trains at the Meeting) 15 trains per day throughout the week of the event, will stop at the station in Rimini Fiera, inside the exhibition area. The timetable is on Trenitalia website and