Teresa of Jesus – Born for you

Press Meeting

Friday, 21st August, at 7 p.m. in Chiesa del Suffraggio, the opera with music by Alessandro Nidi and text by Giampiero Pizzol

Rimini, 20th August 2015 – To the extraordinary figure of Teresa de Jesus – mystic, passionate, heated and transparent like a lightning, who get through Spain’s golden age by leaving her strong mark in the soul of Western culture – the Meeting dedicates on Friday 21st August at 7 p.m. in Chiesa del Suffraggio (in cooperation with Sagra Musicale Malatestiana) the execution of the opera “Teresa de Jesus”, with music by Alessandro Nidi and text by Giampiero Pizzol; Daniela Piccari as solo, Laura Aguzzoni as voice. At the piano, it will be the composer himself, Alessandro Nidi. The team is integrated by Emanuele Nidi’s keyboard, Enrica Savigni’s guitar, then Giuliano and Sebastiano Nidi at the contrabass and percussion. The guitarist Piero Bonaguri will take part to the execution by playing pieces by composer Joaquín Rodrigo.
Teresa is a free woman of God. She is one who doesn’t give away the quest for full happiness in this life already. She follows God, looks for Him, calls Him with the cry that has always resounded in human hearts: Where are You hiding? God too is looking for her. The real encounter is a revelation: God is nearer than anything else – not outside us, but inside us. In the last room of the soul’s castle, just in the centre, there is not the dark of unconscious or of woe, but rather the Being who gives life and meaning to everything, the source of that love that moves the universe.
That is how Teresa begins to outline the figure of that castle: «Today, I was begging the Lord to speak in my place, because I didn’t know what to say, nor how begin to obey to the order imposed to me, so that is what crossed my mind. I need it as bedrock to what I am going to say. We can consider our soul as a castle made of one single diamond and a very clear crystal, in which there are many mansion [rooms ensuing more and more inner], just as there are many in the sky. Besides, sisters, if we really think about it, what is the righteous’ soul if nothing but a paradise, in which the Lord says to take His pleasures? So then how this room will be, where such a powerful King delights Himself – such a wise, pure, luxurious King? No, there is nothing that can compare with the great beauty of a soul and its enormous capacity!»
In our life’s heart, such as it is – she affirms – there is a room where God lives. This makes our life the most high of the created realities. It is not absurd to live. The absurd of human condition relies in the fact that men don’t look after the beauty of their lives, the beauty of their souls. It is like if one doesn’t knew what was his name, or who he was!